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How about a quick pickleball history lesson? In the summer of 1965, on Bainbridge Island, in the great State of Washington, three men invented a quirky new racquet game with a funny name...Pickleball. One of those men was Barney McCallum. Barney incorporated Pickle-ball, Inc, in 1972 and manufactured wooden paddles to help grow his sport. He ran it as a small side business while focusing mainly on his other company, an envelope and printing business called McCallum Envelope. Fast forwarding, Barney's son David McCallum assumed the daily responsibilities of the business for decades to come. Today, Pickle-ball, Inc, operates out of a large warehouse in Kent, WA, just a stone's throw from where it all started. No other paddle manufacturer can claim to be the original! Long gone are the days of turning out only wooden paddles, as Pickle-ball, Inc, now offers a complete line of premium lightweight paddles featuring durable honeycomb cores and graphite or fiberglass facing, in addition to portable net systems, USAPA-approved balls and accessories. Begin your pickleball journey with the ones who started it all!