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Welcome to PickleballPaddlesPlus.com! Here we've put together just a few #1 reasons why more Pickleball players shop our online Pickleball store.

Secure Shopping
hen we created our online store... the first area we concentrated on was "Site Security". We wanted to ensure our customers information is kept private and secure from online hackers. Our payment acceptance gateway is PCI and DSS compliant. Not familiar with that terminology? You don't have to be... but we do.. and so does our website.

Fast Shipping
e ship every order! When you order from us... your order comes from us. We don't drop ship or transfer your order or information to a 3rd party to ship. That means you'll receive your order quick... getting you back in the game. And if you have questions about your order... just give us a call.
But, where's the "Free Shipping"? Other sites may offer a "come on" or "bait and switch" with a free shipping offer. They'll lure you in with a great offer... then after the order is placed... drop the "bomb" of shipping delays or product availability issues.
We may not be the cheapest place to shop... but, how much do those "Free Shipping" offers really cost?

Personal Customer Service
f you have questions about an order or anything else... give us a call or send us an email. We respond to every call or email we receive. Again, because we process and ship your order... we can answer questions about your order or any of the products we offer.

Price and Selection
ou may have noticed we offer tons of Pickleball Paddles. Actually, we have over 200 Pickleball Paddles available and ready to ship. We also carry Balls, Bags, Shirts, Hats and much more. Because our inventory is so large, we're able to offer great prices and a huge selection. Looking for a particular Pickleball Paddle weight, color or grip style... give us a call and we'll tell you all about the paddle you'll get when you order from us.

Honesty and Integrity
e don't hide behind the dot.com. I noticed that it's hard to find who you're actually dealing with when you order from an online company. Personally, I stay away from websites that hide their identity. My name is Ken, and I'm the owner/operator for PickleballPaddlesPlus.com. When you call or email... I'll call or email you back.

5 Star Reviews
e're proud to announce how happy our customers have been with our products and services. Our customers come from all over and from all skill levels. New players to Ambassadors continue to enjoy shopping with us and refer other players to our online store. We appreciate your business and hope to serve you in the future.