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A global leader in tennis racquet technology since 1970, and the first to produce and patent an oversized racquet which dramatically improved the size of the "sweet spot," Prince now endeavors to "change the shape of pickleball" with their first line of pickleball paddles! Drawing on their long history of dominance in the sports of tennis and squash, they've applied the same philosophy of maximizing access to the sweet spot and married it up with the manufacturing expertise of pickleball all-star brand Paddletek, resulting in a unique rounded shape and exceptional power and control. Prince paddles feature a polymer core and are covered by an amazing 5-year guarantee against degradation of their sweet spot performance. These game-changing paddles are so good that top-ranked pickleball pro Simone Jardim wielded her Response Pro paddle from Prince to win the coveted "triple crown" at the 2018 US Open of Pickleball. That's three gold medals is the three pro-level events. It's time to level-up to Prince Pickleball!