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Arriving on the pickleball scene with 40 years of tennis and racquetball experience, ProKennex puts considerable research and development expertise to work in the release of their Kinetic pickleball paddle. The technology they employ is aimed squarely at preventing joint injuries by reducing vibration when striking a ball, and focusing the kinetic energies of the the ball and paddle more efficiently. This is done by employing, get this, tungsten micro-beads in the paddle's perimeter which absorb vibrational forces before they can travel down the handle and into the player's arm. This not only translates into a reduction in impact forces which cause joint and arm injuries, but also produces efficient and effective energy transfer from the paddle core to the ball. The ProKennex Kinetic pickleball paddle was developed with thoughtful input from Steve and Jennifer Dawson, USAPA Nationals and US OPEN pickleball gold medalists, who now play with their ProKennex paddles exclusively. With ProKennex, you get the best of all worlds...quick action, jaw-dropping power, amazing touch, and an edgeless design all while minimizing the risk of injury to your muscles and joints.